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Top definition. Vice Lord unknown. The Vice Lords are the oldest and second largest black street gang in the Chicago area.

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As "club" members were released, several relocated to the Lawndale area of Chicago. They gained recognition as a gang during this time.

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Their main area of power remains the West-side of Chicago. Since the original formation numerous breakaway factions have formed. These factions now operate throughout the city of Chicago and outlying areas. Each faction has its own distinctive name and leader. The Vice Lords utilize gold, black and red as their colors and the five-pointed star, top hat, martini glass, Playboy bunny, dollar sign and the cane.

The different factions also utilize specific graffiti to identify themselves individually. Their common hand signs are a single upraised hand with the thumb, index and middle fingers to form a " VL.

The Vice Lords call fellow members "People" and use the term "All is well. The Vice Lords can be found in the Midwest and some Eastern cities. They continue to have a stronghold over many Chicago neighborhoods. The Almighty Vice Lords where created in a juvenile detention center on chicago's westside inwayyy b 4 gd's crips, bloods, gangstas. And We where the only black nationally known gang next 2 the mafia.

CVLConservative Vice Lords was the first name, So fuck gd's,breeds, sd's ,26's,souls, and any other muthafukkas that aint ridin unda the 5 point star. On King Neal bitches. Vice Lords are located nationwide. Vice Lords unknown. A Chicago originated street gang that has influences in the portions of the U. Jackson, MS holds the heaviest influence of the Vice lord and the most violent.

They are ride or die for one another and automatically welcomes anyone represents a five point star. All is well. Vice Lords believe in red or dead. We bang folks, especially gd's! Look, there goes a vice lord poppin dat blue azz nigga!

vice lord slang

CNMB Homestuck Day Karenism Do you need a list of nicknames for gangsters and gang members? Then, you would find this article useful. This was her funny way of warning us about the dangers of joining a gang but she was on to something.

Gangster Disciples

These hood nicknames have been compiled from information available on the popular gangs around the world. So, they are not fictional names, people actually answer these names. There are a few kinds of gangsters. The dictionary definition is a catch-all description for all of them, though.

Synonyms — hoodlum, gang member, racketeer, robber, ruffian, thug, tough, villain, lawbreaker, criminal. Did you know that there are 1.

Almighty Vice Lord Nation

The Mafia are BIG on nicknames! These little darlings are into human trafficking and the heroin trade from Afghanistan and I would not like to bump into any of them on a dark night! Then there are the Triads, a Chinese organized crime group. The other organized crime group in the Far East is the Japanese Yakuza, and their practices are very similar.

They are all from various Triad factions. These men were all tried for serious crimes like rape, murder, drug-trafficking, racketeering, and robbery. These mainly started in the fertile grounds of the prison system and the ghettos and inner-city slums of major cities. They specialize in drug-related crimes.

Most of the Latino gangs originate as prison gangs in the U. The Mexican Mafia never set foot in Mexico! MS originated in Los Angeles — They are distinguished by tattoos and the use of excessive violence as a tool for their ends. The Sinaloa Cartel is one of the biggest drug suppliers and trafficking networks in the world. The biggest of all the Latino gangs are the Latin Kings, the biggest Hispanic group of all. They are even assigned military ranks!

They have to do all the dirty, demeaning jobs for about a year and then they MIGHT — or might not — be allowed to get into the hallowed ranks. Grim Reaper, and the rest. The most famous of these is the Ku Klux Klan. There are also the Nazi Party and the Skinheads. White supremacists seem to confine their activities to the assault, rape, and murder of other races.

Sadly, their number is growing! Carribean gangs come from the West Indies, Cuba, and Haiti, and there are even all-female gangs! Yes, really! Lending of money at exorbitant interest rates, political killings, bombing, con tricks, illegal gambling, bombings, copyright violation, prostitution, extortion, blackmailing, kidnapping, drug smuggling, arms trafficking, human trafficking — well, the list is endless!

They indulge in petty theft, graffiti daubing and hurling sexist insults at women. If I was a gang member my name would be Tigress because a Tiger is the biggest, fiercest cat there is, and the most beautiful! You can use Gangster and Rapper Generators on social media.Test Your Word IQ! Play Now. Over time, the new gang spread across the US. Yet, as the group was growing, so was it splintering. The different sects technically remained affiliated under the Folk Nation alliance of gangs, rival to the People Nation, both based in the Chicago area.

That did not, however, stop Black Disciples from fighting with Gangster Disciples. The Gangster Disciples gained national attention when a member who was also in the US Air Force killed an Army Sergeant during a gang initiation ritual in Some rappers have publicized an allegiance to the Gangster Disciples.

Offset, the moniker of a member of the hip-hop trio Migos, has referenced GD Folks on his Instagram account and on stage.

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The Gangster Disciples are discussed in the mainstream and social media in relation to active gang violence, both in Chicago and other US cities. This is not meant to be a formal definition of Gangster Disciples like most terms we define on Dictionary. Menu Dictionary. Everything After Z by Dictionary. Previous Word Gamergate. Next Word gaslighting. Examples Origin Usage.

vice lord slang

The Gangster Disciples are a notorious street gang originating in Chicago, Illinois. What's hot. At a bond hearing in the Leighton Criminal Court Building, Assistant State's Attorney John Dillon identified Champ as a Black P Stones gang member who had suffered a graze wound to his leg in a shooting involving Gangster Disciples hours before the mayhem in the park.

In describing Shaquon's death, and many deaths of young men in the city, Chicago outlets—like those in New York and plenty of other cities—sometimes rely solely on police versions of events. For Ingrid's son, this meant the rapper was labelled a Gangster Disciple, and that his death was at least partially attributable to a "long-running feud" between that gang, the Conservative Vice Lords and the Black P-Stones. Popular now. Where does Gangster Disciples come from? Who uses Gangster Disciples?

Note This is not meant to be a formal definition of Gangster Disciples like most terms we define on Dictionary. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.Top definition. Being affiliated with a gang. Vice Lord : Are you plugged? BGD : Yeah, I'm plugged! Vice Lord: Where bout?

Meaning, Where are you from? BGD: I'm ! They fight. Plugged unknown. Australian colloquial word, used to describe when someone's plug on their thong has broken. I've been plugged mate. To get hooked up. Lets say you go buy a bag of weed and its really phatthen its plugged.

Glasgow slang for stabbing someone, mainly used by neds.

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Aye man i just whipped oot ma lockback and plugged him 5 times in the stomach. In the Uk one might use the word plugged either to explain someone else's actions or after physically stabbing someone themself with a sharp object such as a knife or broken bottle. Another term used for plugged is of a sexual nature when a male has sexual intercourse with another person male or female usually anally also can include the use of sex toys either on there own or with another person of either sex such as a dildo or butt plug.

James bragged to his m8's about how he plugged Stabbed some guy down at the local boozer last night for chatting up his burd girl friend John told his mates that sally was a right little dirty that she sucked his cock fingered her self and afterwards he plugged her arse with a huge dildo. To have your asshole reamed full with a cock, fist, gerbildildo. CNMB Homestuck Day Karenism Fadoodle Karenist Feminism Lame Stream Media Stulla Shaym National Kiss Your Homies Day CSA SLSL DIA Year 8 As the boys started being released from the reformatory inmany of the members took the gang to the street and made 16th and Lawdale their first neighborhood.

The Lawdale neighborhood, filled with poverty and hopelessness, soon had another epic battle coming their way as members of the Vice Lord Nation turned into violent criminals.

The Vice Lords soon developed a reputation for mugging, robbing, murdering, and beating people without regard; the gang also took part in multiple bloody gang wars with rival gangs in their area. By the s, the Vice Lords were soon labeled as one of the most violent gangs in Chicago, and its membership started soaring due to its fierce reputation and the hopelessness within the area they were operating.

Vice Lord is one of the founding member of the People Nationa multi-gang alliance which rivals the Folk Nation alliance. Their main goal was to become a gang with the sole purpose of helping their community and the youths living in it.

Bobby Gore, an original member of the gang whom has been with it since was soon appointed as the Chief of the Conservative Vice Lords. Gore would later create CVL Inc. InCVL Inc.

vice lord slang

Leaders of the group went to Washinton D. The grants were used to open legit businesses, hang outs, social clubs, educational program, and recreational programs among others. Some of the establishment created by CVL Inc. Apart from opening numerous establishments to better the community, CVL Inc. CVL Inc. On November 14th, Gore was charged with the murder of a 23 year old male named Thomas Williams. Williams was murdered on the corner of Ogden and Holmen, though Gore claim he did not commit the crime, he was convicted of murder on March 10, Edward Perry and Bobby Gore soon resigned as leaders of the gang.

The funds were discontinued as a result of investigations which concluded that the Vice Lords were still a violent gang and their good deeds were a mere disguise to shine light away from their criminal activities.

The report claimed that while the gang was helping the community on the surface, they were also consolidating numerous gangs in the area into the Vice Lords, which included the Cherokees, the Morphines, the Commanches, the Continental Pimps, the Imperial Chaplains, the Clovers, the Cobras, and the Braves.

As a result of those mergers, the Vice Lord Nation soon became one of the largest gangs in the area. Starting in the Vice Lords started their road back into a criminal organization due to their influential leaders being either locked up, dead, or retired.

Within that year, the Vice Lords decided to split into factions different gangswith each factions having their own separate leader. Upon becoming leader of the Vice Lords, Rico opened the gang up to all races, though some factions initially opposed that decision, they were still able to turn themselves into a multi-ethnicity gang. Charles, Illinois in The Vice Lord Nation is estimated to have more than 30, members, which means that they have a large number of sets.

Due to their larger numbers, it is not uncommon for sets of the Vice Lords to go to war with other sets, especially in areas where they make up the majority of gang members.

Identify to the Left. However, this symbol was rarely "tagged" by the gang and some factions engaging in war with Black P. Stones have been known to "drop" or "break" the pyramid as a show of disrespect to the BPSN.Vice Lords. Originating in south Chicago, Illinois in by a group of black juveniles who had met at the Illinois Training School for Boys in St.

Charles, Illinois. The gang was formed for protection and profit. The gang has an estimated 20, members throughout the state, both in prison and on the streets. The Vice Lords are a predominately black gang consisting of numerous gang sets each with its own leadership and rank structure.

Although recent attempts to unify the various sets under one umbrella organization have been unsuccessful, the gang, collectively, is becoming more sophisticated and organized. Location: Vice Lord sets have been confirmed in 28 states in the United Sates, the primary location being Chicago, Midwestern states and Eastern cities.

Sets can also be found in Central America and Spain. Criminal Activity: Members of the Vice Lords are primarily recognized for their drug trafficking activities and violent acts to protect their drug trade and territory. Members are actively involved in numerous criminal activities including murder, drive-by-shootings, and weapons smuggling.The Almighty Vice Lords where created in a juvenile detention center on chicago's westside inwayyy b 4 gd's crips, bloods, gangstas.

And We where the only black nationally known gang next 2 the mafia. CVL, Conservative Vice Lords was the first name, So fuck gd's,breeds, sd's,26's,souls, and any other muthafukkas that aint ridin unda the 5 point star. On King Neal bitches. See conservativetravelerinsaneunknown. We bang folks, especially gd's!

A Chicago originated street gang that has influences in the portions of the U. Jackson, MS holds the heaviest influence of the Vice lord and the most violent. They are ride or die for one another and automatically welcomes anyone represents a five point star. All is well. Track emotional ceaction on your web page for free. Get a deeper understanding of your customers.

100+ Frighteningly Badass Nicknames for Gangsters

Vice Lords Edit Meaning. What is Vice Lords? On King Neal bitches Vice Lords are located nationwide. See conservativetravelerinsaneunknown 3. Vice Lords believe in red or dead. See ivlikilla.

vice lord slang

Random Word. Random Words:. A Finger I have 5 Tingos on each hand. See tamper.